What Are Statement Rings And How To Wear Them

    What Are Statement Rings And How To Wear Them

    What Are Statement Rings And How To Wear Them

    You can probably guess from their name that statement rings can be some of the boldest, most unique, and most luxurious jewelry there is. As a form of self-expression, they aren’t shy about personality. Their beauty stands out proud on the finger of its wearer and is jewelry that’s nothing short of attention-grabbing.

    Overview Of Statement Rings

    You may know statement rings by their other name – cocktail rings. They are defined by an oversized stone at their center, sometimes surrounded by other motifs and usually on a silver or gold ring.

    A sign of feminism and rebellion, statement rings became popular in the US in the 1920s. This beautiful jewelry was worn by women who drank alcohol when it was banned, who enjoyed themselves, who attended luxurious galas and events, and who weren’t afraid of expressing some independence. 

    How To Wear Statement Rings

    Fast forward to today and how to wear a statement ring. It’s normally worn on the right hand, middle finger or ring finger. It isn’t meant to distract from any wedding ring or engagement ring. Do keep that in mind.

    During its rise, statement rings were worn sometimes by the multiple across several fingers. Celebrities and models of the time enjoyed wearing it like this. Today, it’s really the outfit and occasion that dictates how you wear this jewelry. It should feel natural and unique to the personality you want to express.

    Statement Ring Designs

    There are dozens of unique silver and gold statement rings, ranging from abstract to high-born upper-class, romantic, minimalist, and more. These are a few of our favourites.

    • The Supernova Ring utilizes quartz as its gemstone and comes in 18K gold. This statement ring selection sparkles pure, solid light and exhibits a unique shape that is very off-the-beaten-path.
    • The Taylor Moonstone Ring is a silver statement ring. The moonstone gem is set in a lotus flower made from Sterling 925 silver. The Taylor Moonstone Ring upholds all the majesty, mystery, and magic that you want in this type of statement ring.
    • The Libra Ring is a pristine and handcrafted gold statement ring, characterized by the surreal four natural Rubellite gemstones that adorn its top. A handsculpted gold ring like this is one-of-a-kind and makes for the perfect 18K gold statement ring jewelry piece.
    • The Karley Topaz Ring is an aristocratic queen of a statement ring! Back with Sterling 925 silver, the hand-picked Topaz stone sits nestled into a refined design supported with carefully placed silver beads. This statement ring is one of several in the Corail Blanc collection that is sure to make the wearer feel lavishly appreciated.

    What Is The Meaning Of A Statement Ring?

    A statement ring is pure self-expression. They’re unabashedly large and stylish. Beyond these points, a statement ring can mean and look like just about anything.

    Can A Statement Ring Be An Engagement Ring?

    Yes, a statement ring can be an engagement ring! If you want a truly unique design for an engagement ring, a creatively cut oversized gem atop a silver or gold ring is a beautiful and brilliant choice.

    Can You Wear Multiple Statement Rings?

    Don’t be afraid to wear multiple statement rings. They can be of the same type or have complementary gemstones. You can match colour but having each ring a different texture. There are multiple ways to do this. In the 1920s, women wore several rings at the same time. Contemporary fashion trends suggest no more than 2-3 rings across both hands is what’s expected.

    Check out unique, handmade gold and silver statement rings from Corail Blanc and find the ultimate self-expression ring for you. Wear your gem loudly, proudly, and beautifully. With a statement ring by Corail Blanc, it won’t be hard. Shop with us today.