Corail Blanc

Hamseye Necklace in Silver


Adorned by magical stones and silver pendants, let this mystical eye guide your Path! Hamseye is a silver layered choker necklace. The first layer features three sterling silver plated medallions shining just above your collarbone. The other layer contains more than 10 varieties of semi-precious stones. Upon looking closer, you'll find lapis lazuli, garnet, quartz, rose quartz, prehnite, Botswana Agate and moss agate.

Product Details:

  • Silver layered short necklace
  • Sterling silver plated evil eye medallions and star pendant
  • Various semi-precious stones
  • Stainless steel beads
  • Stainless steel chain
  • Length (ajustable): 14 to 16 in (35 to 40 cm)

♡ Entirely handmade in Montreal, Canada

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