Corail Blanc

Milky Earring in Silver


In the infinite meadows of the sky blossoms dazzling earrings. Follow their path to the milky way and let them work their magic! Milky silver starburst pendant earrings have such a unique design. Their starburst shaped ear studs are embellished with beautiful zirconia crystals. To these hangs asymmetrical sterling silver plated ring pendants and mother of pearl oval pendants. Trust us, you'll be as ravishing as a thousand stars!

Product Detail

  • Silver Starburst Pendant Earrings
  • Sterling silver plated starburst shaped ear studs
  • Sterling silver plated pendants
  • Zirconia crystal
  • Mother of pearl pendants
  • Length: 2 in (5 cm)

♡ Our jewelry is entirely handmade in Montreal, Canada

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