4 Reasons why we Support Local Artist and Designers

    4 Reasons why we Support Local Artist and Designers

    4 Reasons why we Support Local Artist and Designers

    4 Reasons Why Supporting Local Designers Is Important

    In an era of mass-produced, one-season trends that seem to be in constant rotation, the refreshingly unique pieces of local designers come with an array of benefits. Whether you are ready to invest in an heirloom quality piece from one of the best jewelry stores in Montreal or looking for your ethical fashion staples to add to your rotation, local designers are always up and ready to influence our jewelry and wardrobe arsenals with lovingly-made, sustainable styles that cannot be matched.


     Local designers help the community

    Supporting women entrepreneurs who thrive on crafting sustainable handmade jewelry in Montreal is one of the most effective tools to revive growth, create jobs, and assist in transformational female economic empowerment. 


     Local designers offer one-of-a-kind styles and quality, ethically-made pieces

     Aside from helping the local economy thrive, local designers are equipped with unmatched creativity that cannot possibly be found in the big-box sartorial landscape. Locally made and artisan-made pieces are superior in terms of quality and craftsmanship - not to mention infused with care and attention.


    Local designers and sustainability

     Sustainability is yet another prominent reason you should consider choosing to shop for Montreal jewelry online instead of mass-produced pieces from faceless, giant corps. The supply lines used by local artisans are, in most cases, very transparent. At Corail Blanc, for example, we select and verify every jewelry brand with the help of our quality checkers, ensuring standards for ethical sourcing, eco-friendly sustainability, and quality are met.


    Small-batch manufacturing

     Small-scale production is a great way to minimize waste and save natural resources. Unlike mass-produced products that require a large amount of warehouse space which costs money and energy to maintain, local designers prefer quality and authenticity. While the manufacturing process takes longer, the attention to detail is definitely worth it.


      Shop handmade jewelry in Montreal

     If you want to support local designers, head over to Corail Blanc to discover some of the most ethical and sustainable bijoux Montreal has to offer from independent jewelry makers. Or, you can also visit our brick-and-mortar store at  3652 St Laurent, Montreal, QC, Canada, H2X 2V4 during one of your next city strolls.