Black-Owned Accessory Brands We Love to Complement Your Corail Blanc Jewelry

    Black-Owned Accessory Brands We Love to Complement Your Corail Blanc Jewelry

    Black-Owned Accessory Brands We Love to Complement Your Corail Blanc Jewelry

    Supporting local Canadian businesses has long been commonplace at Corail Blanc. As we collaborate with designers and brands from across the country, we thought it’d be fun to showcase some of the black-owned accessory brands we know complement our ethical handmade jewelry so well. 

    Batik Boutik

    Batik Boutik is a black-owned Canadian fashion brand inspired by the bold, vibrant designs of West Africa. As you will find with a lot of the brands on this list, Batik Boutik is built ethically, sustainability, and as a representation of black multi-culture which continues to go underrepresented in mainstream fashion circles.

    Kaela Kay

    Kaela Kay is one of the top Canadian fashion brands working with African prints. They use 100 percent cotton fabric, modernizing the West African method of Ankara Fabrics to modern clothing trends. If you’re looking to add color and something extraordinarily vibrant to your wardrobe, try this.

    Brother Vellies

    What we love about Brother Vellies is that they’ve worked hard to keep traditional African techniques of designing clothes alive. They create ethically-sourced sustainable artisan clothing all handmade, just as we at Corail Blanc specialize in handmade necklaces and other forms ethical handmade jewelry. Brother Vellies’ outfits are often very complementary in aesthetic to the Corail Blanc brand.

    Tejahn Burnett

    Tejahn Burnett is a Jamaican-Canadian designer footwear brand. Some of their most prized footwear are embellished sandals, perfect for summer weather in cities like stylish cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Regina, Ottawa, St. John’s, or Halifax.

    Cherry Gardens

    Cherry Gardens is a black-owned Toronto brand specializing in high-quality loungewear and lingerie. Every article is designed and made in Canada, inspired by athleisure and what’s comfortable while still looking exceptionally stylish. Cherry Gardens is helmed by the always-creative Mylantha Davey, a native of Vancouver and now living in Toronto.

    Israella Kobla

    Israella Kobla is a luxury Toronto clothing brand founded by British-born Emefa Kuadey. They provide made-to-order luxury clothing and accessories that often zero in on minimalism and femininity. This same approach is reflected in our handmade jewelry, including gold and silver rings.

    Selfish Swimwear

    Selfish Swimwear is a black-owned Montreal swimwear brand. They advocate for body positivity and, like Corail Blanc, make every product by hand. From the initial design down to the stitch, recycled fabric fibres are used to create handmade comfortable swimsuits for women.

    Glow’rious Routine

    Glow’rious Routine is all about multi-purpose skincare done with ethical, green products. Dinn Stephenson founded the Glow’rious Routine brand in an attempt to deliver more black-centric skincare. Though not an accessory, this brand is well worth a gander if you’re looking for some skincare products that are made for women of color.

    Bohten Eyewear

    Bohten specializes in eyewear made from reclaimed redwood, zebrawood, and bamboo harvested in Ghana and designed in Canada. A perfect complement to a set of Corail Blanc earrings, Bohten’s owner Nana Osei set out to create fair-wage jobs in his native Ghana while supporting his passions for fashion and sustainability.


    Msichana is an Edmonton-based black-owned fashion brand, focusing on offering fashion professional and individual in design. The brand is known for fusing modern aesthetics with ethnically-influenced fabrics and prints from Africa, mixing Canada and world cultures together. While most of Canada’s fashion scene remains on the East Coast, Msichana is one of several fashion brands cultivating followers on the other side of the country.

    There are dozens of black-owned fashion brands in Canada, offering ways to dress and accessorize alongside your favourite Corail Blanc jewelry. Visit Corail Blanc today to pick up handmade artisan jewelry you will but, before you do, check out some of the brands we mentioned here. There is so much more out there beyond what the shopping malls will allow a shopper to see. With any of our favourite black-owned accessory brands, you can build a new outfit from top to bottom.