Bold Jewelry v.s Minimalist Jewelry

    Bold Jewelry v.s Minimalist Jewelry

    Bold Jewelry v.s Minimalist Jewelry

    Finding the right jewelry to buy online is quite the challenge when there’s so much to look at. A multitude of styles exists across necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and more. Two trendy keywords to keep in mind when trying to narrow it down are ‘bold’ and ‘minimalist’.

    For over a decade, jewelry-wearers have relied on bold and minimalist jewelry to accent their outfits, make statements, and add beauty. While either can technically be its own separate category, you can also occasionally find jewelry that unifies bold and minimalist aesthetics into something distinct and attractive.

    In this online jewelry buying guide, we share a little about what bold jewelry is, what minimalist jewelry is, and insights on how to wear each.

    What Is Bold Jewelry?

    Bold makes a statement. If there’s one sentence that describes what bold jewelry’s supposed to be, there it is.

    How you make a statement with bold jewelry is up to the wearer. Oftentimes, it’s done through size and shape but depending on the design, it can also be done with color and material. The beauty about boldness is that it’s adaptable. You can have luxury bold jewelry or natural bold jewelry. It can be very simple and direct or more complex and striking.

    Earrings are a great example. There are lots of people who love big, unapologetic earrings as opposed to more dainty jewelry. A bold pair of earrings can make for a winning complement to your outfit.

    What Is Minimalist Jewelry?

    Minimalist jewelry is not so out front with its charm. What it contributes to a look is a little more delicate, sometimes shy. It’s subtle though certain minimalist jewelry will attract the eye if it’s decorated that way.

    Minimalist jewelry is for those who want to wear pieces that still come across as polished and refined yet doesn’t attract unnecessary attention. Trendy minimalist jewelry complements a wide array of outfits and it’s all fairly simple, easy-to-wear pieces.

    Some common jewelry that would fit under the minimalist banner include bracelets, pendant necklaces, statement rings, stacking rings, and certain types of earrings. With minimalism, someone can wear multiple matching pieces fairly easily without conflict. Compared to bold jewelry where a look can seem very busy when you start layering types of jewelry, this is where minimalism really works.

    What Style Of Jewelry Should I Wear?

    There are a lot of trendy jewelry styles that lean into either bold or minimalist styles. Unique geometric shapes are often bold in a lot of jewelry, while delicate gemstones borrow from minimalism to offer something a little different. Asymmetrical stacks can go either way, though often minimalist. This year, you’re going to see a lot of new trends emerge, from classic styles reintroduced to silver jewelry, stud earrings, gemstone rings, and pendant necklaces all being shopped for.

    Despite the common focus of what’s stylish this year, the question isn’t, “What trendy jewelry should I wear?” No, to answer what jewelry is best for you, you really have to dig into your personality. If you enjoy the attention you get walking into a room and want your jewelry to communicate something clear, direct, and big, bold jewelry is without question the category to zero in on. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t distract from your outfit and that’s more subtle, minimalism is where to look. It is worth keeping in mind that both, bold and minimalist jewelry, can be worn improperly so have care when selecting your next piece of jewelry to add to your collection.

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