How Do You Choose The Right Wedding Jewelry?

    How Do You Choose The Right Wedding Jewelry?

    How Do You Choose The Right Wedding Jewelry?

    Choosing the right wedding jewelry is a difficult decision for a bride. A wedding is such an extraordinarily special time for them. What you wear on this day will show up in pictures and will be documented for decades to come. The jewelry you pick should make you feel centered, beautiful, and excited for the day ahead. Here is how to choose the right bridal jewelry.

    Start With The Dress

    No bride starts with their wedding jewelry and work their way back to the dress. Look at the wedding dress you’ve chosen. The style. The shape. The texture. The color. Try to find a complementary tone in your wedding jewelry.

    Choose To Tell A Story

    With the whole of your wedding jewelry, you may want to look like a certain character or be a tribute to your background. The intricate nature of wedding jewelry and the many varieties of it available means you can tell a very one-of-a-kind story with what you choose.

    Size For Size

    If what you’re wearing is bold and has a lot of volume, your jewelry has to have the same feel. If your wedding has simpler and more minimalist, you won’t want a bridal jewelry collection that clashes. The June & Valentina collection has a fair span of stackable rings to browse, with something for most décor styles. Most agree that wedding jewelry is the most elegant when it complements the size of the outfit and the décor around you.

    Wedding Jewelry Trends Come And Go

    We love wedding jewelry trends! We do but they don’t necessarily work for everyone. It’s important to be aware of them. That doesn’t mean you have to use them as your ultimate guide. Do what feels right to you and your sense of style.

    Don’t Be Afraid Of Going Sentimental

    Don’t be scared of going emotional. On your wedding day, you not only represent yourself but also your family, your experiences, and your relationship. The jewelry you choose should be a representation of some of these things.

    Embellish Jewelry With Gemstones

    Think of your favourite stone. It could a birthstone, or another gem like emerald or ruby. A gemstone in the right place can add a personal touch to break up some of the wedding monotony around white.

    Statement Jewelry

    It’s not every day that you can more or less wear whatever you want and get away with it, regardless of the style. Stylish, statement jewelry for brides ranges from chic minimalist pieces to engraved bracelets, glamorous necklaces, and more. Make a statement!

    To Be Comfortable Or Not

    Let’s all be honest. Some truly exquisite jewelry is downright uncomfortable to wear for an extended period. Some brides are willing to sacrifice their comfort on their wedding day but it’s not generally something most recommend. After all, even though this is your wedding day, anxieties and stress can come about in seconds and be very overwhelming. You want to be in your best mood and feel not only gorgeous but also comfortable. Ensure your wedding jewelry isn’t too tight or fits in a way that’s going to be bothersome.

    Have Your Jewelry Set A Few Months Before

    Nothing is as important as your wedding dress. Nothing! But… you don’t want to be scrambling last minute looking for accessories or trying to put together jewelry and dress accessories. Do explore well beforehand. Try some designs and ideas. See how they match up against your wedding décor, theme, skin type, and personal style. Everything should be finalized at least 4-6 weeks ahead of time.

    At Corail Blanc, we specialize in collections of handmade sustainable wedding jewelry. To recommend one style or selection over another wouldn’t be the right choice for every bride. We encourage you, if you do have a wedding coming up, to drop by Corail Blanc and find the statement wedding jewelry that speaks to who you are and what you will be representing on your special day.