How to Clean Silver Jewelry Safely

    How to Clean Silver Jewelry Safely

    How to Clean Silver Jewelry Safely

    The trick to keeping silver jewelry looking its best is to clean your pieces. For rings, bracelets, necklace chains, and any and all jewelry made from silver, you can thankfully restore their shine in minutes with a few simple steps.

    How to clean silver jewelry is affordable, fast, and it works. Frequently worn jewelry isn’t the only type that necessitates an occasional polish, either. Silver jewelry that sits locked away in jewelry trays can darken from exposure. Don’t neglect those beautiful silver earrings you want to wear every day or that special silver necklace you pull out only on the most celebratory of occasions. Silver is one of those materials that need a little scrubbing to maintain their charming sparkle you’ve probably come to know and love.

    What Are the 5 Simple Steps to Cleaning Silver Jewelry

    1. Take out a bowl and fill it to a comfortable level with warm water. Add a few drops of liquid dish soap. Mix it with your hands until bubbles form and the soap is activated and ready to clean.
    2. Take your handmade silver jewelry pieces and carefully set them in the bowl. Let them soak 5-10 minutes. Especially if they are not looking their greatest, this soak time will loosen debris and prepare them for a scrub.
    3. Next, use a soft bristle brush to carefully clean your silver jewelry. A toothbrush works perfectly for this task. It can get into the crevices without scratching or damaging a premium silver jewelry piece.
    4. Once you are fully satisfied with what you’re looking at and after you’ve restored some shine, you can take the jewelry in your hand and rinse it under warm water. Ensure all soap’s removed. What you want left is wet jewelry free from any suds.
    5. Lastly, gently rub the jewelry with a silver cloth or microfiber towel. This will be how you dry silver jewelry safely. Do not use paper towel. Never, ever! Paper towel is rough and can damage and scratch your silver jewelry.

    Tips to Remember When Cleaning Silver Rings, Necklaces, and Other Jewelry

    Silver is a soft metal. Be gentle when cleaning silver earrings, rings, or necklaces. You do not want to bend it or scratch it. This is why you won’t want to use any cleaner stronger than soap and water, and why paper towel’s never to be used.

    A lot of silver jewelry is made from sterling silver. This isn’t pure silver which is actually very rare. Sterling silver contains approx. 7.5% copper which is what makes it more likely to tarnish and appear less than desirable. In some cases, a single clean through soap and water will not completely clean a jewelry item. There are other household DIY ways to clean silver jewelry, including baking soda, vinegar, and other ingredients.

    We always recommend soap and water, however. This is because baking soda can scratch certain metals. Vinegar can also harm porous stones. Even with the best of intentions, natural cleaning ingredients can pose a threat to your silver jewelry.

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