How to Properly Care for your Gold Vermeil Jewelry

How to Properly Care for Your Gold Vermeil Jewelry

How to Properly Care for your Gold Vermeil Jewelry
After you’ve purchased your favorite jewelry, you want them to last forever, it’s important to learn how to properly care for it. Corail Blanc’s designers chose to create gold vermeil jewelry because it’s made with high-quality materials: sterling silver coated with a thick layer of gold plating to make jewelry that is durable and gorgeous. After Corail Blanc’s designers hand make the jewelry with love, it’s time for you to cherish your pieces and take care of them. Here’s how you can keep your pieces looking shiny and new.

Proper Storage

After you’ve flaunted your gorgeous gold vermeil jewelry all day, it’s time to properly put it away. You should consider putting your pieces away in a small jewelry box; this will keep your jewelry out of harm’s way. The gold-plating on the jewelry could become scratched or discolored if the piece lies around moisture or heat. You don’t want to set your beloved piece on your nightstand only to accidentally scratch it when you’re least expecting it!
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Don't Submerge Your Pieces in Water

Simplicity goes a long way when cleaning your gold vermeil pieces: gather some lukewarm water and liquid soap in a small dish. It’s important that you don’t place the jewelry in the water, but instead, grab a lint-free washcloth to lightly scrub the piece. Dip the washcloth into the mixture before gently using it on your gold vermeil jewelry. Please make sure the washcloth is very soft so your jewelry doesn’t become scratched!

Be Careful What You Expose Your Pieces To

Perhaps the quickest way to ruin your jewelry is to expose it to liquids and/or lotions. Your jewelry should not accompany you into the shower, hot tub, or ocean. If you’ve taken your jewelry off prior to a shower, please do not put your precious piece back on until you’ve completely dried yourself off. You should also wait a few minutes after putting on perfume or lotion to put your piece back on. Don’t expose your jewelry to any harsh elements that may contain chemicals!

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