Jewelry Trends of 2022

    Jewelry Trends of 2022

    Jewelry Trends of 2022

      The Top Sustainable Jewelry Trends of 2022

     Are you enamoured with gold or silver? A sworn minimalist or an unapologetic maximalist? Do you covet Symmetry or much rather prefer asymmetry? No matter what the case may be the top jewelry trends of 2022 will easily adhere to your demands. The “more is more” approach continues to flourish with stackable dainty rings, intricate pendants, and chunky and simple chains leading the way.

     Ahead are 2022’s biggest jewelry trends you need to keep on your sartorial radar.


    Silver and gold chains

    Simple Chains  

    From 14k gold vermeil mini paperclip chains to layerable stainless steel options ready to match all your future looks, 2022 has an affinity for all things sustainable jewelry pieces that strike a balance between bold and minimalist.


     Beaded jewelry

    Beaded Jewelry

     Beaded Bracelet

    We are not ready to leave the playful and free-spirited vibe of beaded jewelry behind any time soon. Boho hand beaded bracelets, as well as dramatic, look-at-me now earrings enhanced with antique filigree beads, are suitable options for 2022.


    Statement jewelry

    Statment Rings

     Gold Statement Jewelry

    Inspired by the “look-at-me-know” aesthetic of the s ’70s and ’80s influence, 2022’s jewelry trends inspire you to make a statement with eye-catching sculptural rings, raw crystals, and a slew of perfectly imperfect silhouettes straight from the collections of independent fine jewelry designers.


    Pendant necklaces



     Pendant Necklaces

    Charm and pendants with a “feel good” almost celestial mantra dominate the jewelry trends of 2022. The sustainable jewelry options range from 14k gold vermeil evil eye necklaces to 925 sterling silver double pendants that can complement each and every outfit.


    Now like before, sustainability is at the forefront of the jewelry sphere with fashion connoisseurs and designers alike stepping towards ethical and eco-friendly materials, conscious manufacturing, and transparency.


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