LGBTQ Models in Fashion And Jewelry That We’re Obsessed With

    LGBTQ Models in Fashion And Jewelry That We’re Obsessed With

    LGBTQ Models in Fashion And Jewelry That We’re Obsessed With

    The LGBTQIA2S+ community is highly represented online, in different pockets of social media, influencers, digital marketing, and Internet brand-building. There are dozens of creative LGBTQ models redefining what fashion is. Their visibility and artfulness is changing how fashion and jewelry’s worn. As one of Canada’s fastest growing handmade artisan jewelry brands, it is with excitement that Corail Blanc shares a few of our favourite LGBTQ models and influencers we cannot get enough of.

    Julia Marinescu

    Julia Marinescu is a fashion, beauty, and mental wellness personality. They promote different fashion, makeup, and beauty expressions, always focusing on the positive and the authentic.

    Justin Livingston

    Justin Livingston is a New York-based fashion blogger that you’ll find regularly sharing outfits on Instagram among other platforms. An inspiration to the LGBTQ community, there’s so much beauty and inspiration in his posts.

    Meera Singhania Rehani

    Meera Singhania Rehani made headlines in an advertisement for Bhima jewelry, a traditional Indian jewelry brand who featured her, a transgender model, in their campaign. We absolutely adore Rehani and as an LGBTQ ally jewelry brand, Corail Blanc loves to see more LGBTQ acceptance in the international jewelry community.

    Star McQueen

    Star McQueen is an Instagram influencer zeroing in on makeup, fashion, and lifestyle content. McQueen has more than 500,000 followers. If you’re looking for inspiration for glam fashion, a model like Star McQueen can introduce you to so much in how to use all sorts of styles to self-express.

    Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

    Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is not only a member of the LGBTQ community but she also lives with chronic illness and a disability. Her videos are more informative than fashion, however, she showcases frequently in retro, vintage, 1960s-inspired outfits that would pair well with some handmade earrings or necklaces. She’s a beauty to watch!

    Yasmin Finney

    Yasmin Finney is a no-filter TikTok-based influencer that showcases what life is like for a black transgender woman. Yasmin often highlights a myriad of social issues on her channel and does explorations on different subjects, sharing the black transgender perspective while also presenting as a role model.

    Mina Gerges

    Mina Gerges is a Toronto makeup influencer who seeks to redefine male beauty standards. Gerges frequently challenges what perceptions of masculinity are and expresses themselves through gender fluidity and body positivity.

    Ilona Verley

    Ilona Verley appeared on Canada’s Drag Race in its first season and is an indigenous, two-spirit, non-binary drag queen. They frequently feature some exquisite traditional indigenous fashions, ranging from ribbon skirts to jingle dresses. As a Canada-based jewelry brand, we love seeing LGBTQ Canadians make headlines and Verley is one of our favourites, an important voice in ongoing attention around the missing and murdered indigenous women crisis.

    Tatiana Ringsby

    You won’t necessarily find a lot of specific fashion and jewelry posts from Hawaiian model Tatiana Ringsby but after her coming out video on TikTok went viral, her travel and lifestyle content’s remained on a lot of peoples’ minds. She is definitely someone to watch if you enjoy active lifestyles and modelling in this context.

    Matt Bernstein

    Matt Bernstein is an acclaimed queer content creator, focusing on sexuality, religion, race, gender, and politics. Bernstein also creates makeup looks that reference bisexual visibility and gender fluidity among other things. They are yet another amazing influencer that we love seeing posts from.

    It is truthfully hard to narrow down a list of LGBTQ models in fashion and jewelry that we think are worth a follow because there are so many. What we at Corail Blanc would like to encourage is for our readers to search out LGBTQ members in their own locale and follow them. Before you drop by Corail Blanc searching for your next great pair of earrings, bracelet, necklace, body jewelry, or ring, find one of these LGBTQ models on social media or another and send them a follow.