The Dos And Don’ts Of How To Use Stackable Rings

    The Dos And Don’ts Of How To Use Stackable Rings

    The Dos And Don’ts Of How To Use Stackable Rings

    Stackable rings are an exercise in layering. An Instagram-favored trend in wedding jewelry, stackable rings allow a wearer to utilize more of themselves to put on display expressing and tasteful pieces.

    The increase in real estate on the finger also opens the door to incorporating meaningful representations of people, events, and milestones that wouldn’t normally be on display. It’s far more than just wearing multiple rings on a single finger. There’s a real meaning behind ring stacking.

    If you are new to ring stacking, here is everything you need to know about how to wear them, what they can represent, and some important rules to follow. Here are the dos and don’ts of stackable rings.

    Don’t Do It At Random

    You don’t want your finger to look like the display case of a thrift store. There shouldn’t be randomness involved in ring stacking. Make sure there’s a pattern, a theme, or something that ties everything together.

    Do Use Your Birthstone

    A nice way to add some obvious variety with rings is to use gemstones. A lot of people use a birthstone as a starting point. They then start to stack according to that color and the energy it gives off.

    Do Add To Your Wedding Jewelry

    The most common way to wear stackable rings is to add anniversary rings on top of wedding jewelry you are already wearing. You don’t always have to stack like this but you may use anniversaries and weddings as a starting point.

    Do Be Bold

    You can start stacking rings by wearing a couple on multiple fingers, or more than a couple on one or two fingers. See how it feels. Move things around. It may take some time before you achieve the sort of color, look, and variety you have in your head.

    Don’t Be Afraid Of Different Band Widths

    You can play with different band widths and metals, and it shouldn’t be too much of a concern. Many stackable rings, in fact, can come looking somewhat unmatched in terms of band width. Don’t worry about it.

    Do Plan Out Future Stackable Rings

    If your gemstone ring stacking is based around a theme, a la anniversaries, you can plan out ahead of time what’s next in stackable jewelry and divide up the available finger space accordingly. The types of things commemorated in stackable rings that aren’t a wedding or anniversary include the births of children, graduations, and important moments such as a graduation or marking a specific day of sobriety.

    Do Be Ready To Search

    There are dozens upon dozens of stackable ring possibilities out there. Don’t hesitate to search and be open with what you find. You may choose multiples of the same ring, to buy rings as couplets and to create a visual rhythm on your hand, or adopt any of several other creative approaches.

    Don’t Avoid Your Engagement Ring

    Your engagement ring is an important piece of jewelry, even after the marriage is official. If it inspires you, don’t avoid incorporating your engagement ring into a stackable ring arrangement such as those from the June & Valentina collection. Many women use this as a place to start, with their engagement ring and wedding ring then selecting the right third and/or even fourth ring to add.

    Don’t Follow The Rules

    If it feels good to you, do it when it comes to rings. Stackable rings are self-expression. They shouldn’t just represent a trend or what’s popular in a specific category of jewelry. If it’s representing you and feels right on your finger, don’t hesitate to break the rules with stackable jewelry.

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