The healing power of jewelry making

The healing power of jewelry making

The healing power of jewelry making
The healing power of jewelry making
For Corail Blanc, having our own artful maze where fashion and self-expression collide has always been one of our biggest aspirations. The healing power of art is well known; after all, it’s the process of making art, rather than the outcome, that matters. There is an unexplained bond between mental health and creativity that never ceases to amaze us. Jewelry making, in particular, offers a sense of fulfillment like no other.
These creatively-charged projects encourage a state of ‘flow’ that can only be compared to meditation and mindfulness work. Art is after all the ultimate way of self-expression with a unique ability to slow down time and help us filter out the ‘noise’ in our heads. We perceive the intricate art of jewelry making as a tool to express our most powerful emotions.
Mental health and art will always be beautifully intertwined
This form of art therapy can help unleash your feelings onto complex yet fascinating silhouettes to relieve stress that might otherwise be trapped in your body. In fact, something as simple as putting together a new concept can interrupt n negative thinking and help reset your brain.
Making art as a form of mental health treatment dates back to the mid-20th century when soldiers returning from the battlefields of World War II were left with a condition that was known as “shell shock.” To ease what’s now known as post-traumatic stress disorder, veterans painted, drew, and sculpted amongst many other creative outlets to help process what they’d witnessed and experienced at war. The power of art is universal, undeniable, and incomparable.
The most personality-packed bijoux Montreal has to offer at Corail Blanc
We pride ourselves on our originality and craftsmanship because nothing beats heart and soul when it comes to custom, handmade, and one-of-a-kind jewelry packed with the unique personality of each skillful artisan. Watch the creative magic unfold at

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