What Do You Look For In An Engagement Ring Or Romantic Ring?

    What Do You Look For In An Engagement Ring Or Romantic Ring?

    What Do You Look For In An Engagement Ring Or Romantic Ring?

    Buying an engagement ring or a romantic ring for the person you love, at one time, was very simple. All you had to do was decide on the cut of the stone and choose the kind of gold. Romantic rings today, however, have a surprisingly diverse amount of designs.

    Whether it’s an engagement ring, a promise ring, or if you’re simply looking to buy someone jewelry that says, “I love you”, here are a few tips on what to look for and where to focus your search.

    Buy For The Person

    You want a romantic ring to be a timeless symbol. Instead of looking at romantic jewelry trends, which would normally be the smart thing to do, buy for the person. Think of what suits their style. Determine whether the person you’re buying for prefers gold rings or silver. Look at the type of outfits they wear and take your cue there on what the right romantic ring is for them.

    You Don’t Need A Perfect Ring

    Your ‘perfect ring’ does not need to look ‘perfect’. No, it has to have meaning. The other person is going to interpret your gift based off the feeling it gives them and not whether it has the best color, cut, clarity, and carat.

    Try Some Outside-The-Box Thinking

    A romantic ring is a symbol. For some women and people, they don’t desire diamonds and the traditional rules of what an engagement ring is supposed to be. Something that’s personal, unexpected, and individual is what they yearn for. This isn’t everyone, mind you. However, don’t be afraid to move beyond what’s predictable for a gift like this.

    Consider An Artisan Jewelry Brand

    It can make for a much more interesting gift to search an artisan, handmade ring from an independent jewelry brand than going through a mainstream retailer where you know there are hundreds of rings out there just like it. Imagine having a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece that’s not duplicated anywhere else.

    Size Doesn’t Matter

    The size of the ring only matters if you make it matter. These days, it’s a lot trendier to go with a minimalist ring that isn’t as showy as a big, bright, expensive diamond. You want this to be an extension of the wearer’s personal style rather than just bling.

    Find An Ethically-Sourced Stone

    Know where the stone in your ring came from. An ethically-sourced jewelry gemstone that is proven to be sourced sustainably is the best option you can find. People like to know where their stones came from, especially for more custom and meaningful pieces such as a one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

    It’s About More Than The Stone

    Of course, the stone you choose will matter a lot with a romantic ring. It is the whole of the ring though that is the work of art and not just the gemstone. Find a setting that is as unique and reflective of the person about to wear it as the gemstone will be.

    It Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

    A lot of people save up purposefully to buy the right engagement ring. Whether it’s for an engagement or just as a romantic gift, you don’t have to pay a month’s salary, two months’ salary, or three months’ salary, or whatever rule you’ve been told or have in your head. Those were irrelevant guidelines, to begin with. As if we haven’t said it enough, it’s about the person and not the price tag.

    Try Shopping With A Friend

    If you are totally out of your depth trying to buy a romantic ring, rely on a friend who knows you and your partner. Assuming they are trustworthy enough not to spoil the surprise, use them to bounce ideas off of. They can reassure you that the right ring is indeed the right ring. If you’re shopping for romantic jewelry online, it’s easy to do this just by texting photos and links to one another.

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