What Is The Difference Between Fine Jewelry And Fashion Jewelry?

    What Is The Difference Between Fine Jewelry And Fashion Jewelry?

    What Is The Difference Between Fine Jewelry And Fashion Jewelry?

    Fine jewelry and fashion jewelry are two very different categories, each with pieces that are designed for unique purposes. If you are not sure which type of jewelry suits you or an occasion best, this is what this guide is here for. Here is the difference between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. 

    What Is Fine Jewelry?

    ‘Fine jewelry’ is used to describe jewelry made from precious metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum. Atop and around these metals are gemstones, a la diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. Fine jewelry is made as a form of luxury jewelry, highly durable and so long as it’s properly maintained and taken care of, can last a very long time.

    Fine jewelry is often treated as an investment. It’s something that’s going to get regular wear or possibly be passed down to a future family member in the future. Fine jewelry does not use synthetics. Their materials are all-natural, quality-made, and have the visual and physical properties you expect the best jewelry to have.

    What Is Fashion Jewelry?

    ‘Fashion jewelry’ is not made from precious metals or real gemstones. It is made very cheaply. ‘Costume jewelry’ is another term used to describe fashion jewelry. It’s all for looks. It doesn’t handle, feel, or exhibit properties that feel like real jewelry.

    Fashion jewelry is often made from a cheaper base metal, like brass, copper, or aluminum. It is sometimes designed using textiles or leather. The more expensive fashion jewelry may also use base metals that are plated with precious metals. Any sort of gemstones you see on fashion jewelry’s usually simulated in some way, being either plastic, glass, or crystal.

    When you buy a statement ring online that’s designed as a piece of fine jewelry, it will be noticeably different from fashion jewelry. Especially when you hold them side-by-side.

    Fashion jewelry holds no real value. If a piece breaks, it’s not really worth getting fixed. Just buy another. It’s not the investment that fine jewelry is. Fashion jewelry is probably going to break, bend, or tarnish fairly quickly.

    That said, fashion jewelry can be very convenient. If you’re putting together a Halloween costume and/or just need something to look fairly alright, without the expenses of buying real jewelry, shopping for fashion jewelry makes sense.

    Is Fine Jewelry Better?

    In terms of quality, the benefits of fine jewelry are obvious. It’s better jewelry. Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, or whatever it is. If you are serious about buying jewelry for special occasions and that lasts, fine jewelry’s must-have. When it breaks, it’s worth repairing. It can be passed to future generations as an heirloom. It retains its value.

    You can buy fashion jewelry and have it look fairly alright for one occasion. Maybe two. It will degrade though. It also doesn’t feel like real jewelry. A lot of people who buy fashion jewelry instead of fine jewelry have to face the fact that it doesn’t wear like fine jewelry. It doesn’t make you feel confident. It doesn’t feel nice against the skin. It’s an imitation.

    Fashion jewelry won’t hold up. Fine jewelry will. That’s the difference. Furthermore, a lot of fine jewelry isn’t as expensive as the term makes it out to be. You can find some very affordable fine jewelry for casual occasions just like you can for more celebratory and expensive occasions. Considering this, there’s not much of a reason to even consider fashion jewelry for serious occasions, unless it’s for a costume. Even then, the right sale on fine jewelry can justify going through the fine jewelry category rather than settling for fashion jewelry.

    We hope the difference between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry is fairly clear. Especially in-person, they will be easy to distinguish. In our view, it’s always fine jewelry over fashion jewelry. Shop high-quality, luxurious, and affordable fine jewelry today at Corail Blanc.