Your Best Buying Guide For Statement Rings

    Your Best Buying Guide For Statement Rings

    Your Best Buying Guide For Statement Rings

    Statement rings have been in circulation since the 1920s. Then, a feminist icon. Today, cocktail rings aka statement rings are as big, bold, and beautiful as ever. There is a lot to wearing a statement and it all starts with knowing how to choose one.

    What Are Statement Rings?

    A statement ring is larger than a normal ring. In it, you have a stylishly oversized diamond, gem, or metal motif. They express affluence and luxury just like they can style and personality. They’re a must-have for any woman’s ring collection.

    History Overview

    Luxurious statement rings first boomed in a period where feminism was on the rise, prohibition made alcohol illegal, and life for a lot of young people was all about illicit parties, vulgar expressions, eye-catching dresses, and bold jewelry.

    A cocktail ring gets its title because at the time, in the 1920s, a woman would raise their right hand towards the bartender and flash them their ring. This was a signal to order an illegal alcoholic beverage. To this day, statement rings continue to be worn on the right hand because of this former practice.

    Tips On How to Wear Statement Rings Today

    The fashion rules of then have no lasting effect on how to wear a statement ring today. They’re permissible on any hand or any finger. Wear one or wear multiples. Be bold and brash, or comfortable and moderately shy with yours. The statement you want to make with your gold statement ring or silver statement ring is up to you. Here are some ideas on how you can show off your ring in different settings.

    • A statement ring for the office can be very fun but it’s also a tricky dynamic. This is a professional environment and so you don’t want to wear something that’s designed for more formal, romantic occasions. Select a cocktail ring that prioritizes minimalism, if it’s possible.
    • A statement ring for events, a la weddings and the like, are where the most fun can be had. This is where you can pull out your most glamorous, showy statement ring and feel your most beautiful.
    • A statement ring for casual occasions is another possibility. More casual occasions will benefit the most from more playful rings or any sort of quirky, unexpected designs in a statement ring.

    Best Gemstone Choices For Statement Rings

    Choose a gemstone for your statement ring that’s in line with your outfit, that matches your birthstone, or that represents your personality.

    There are roughly a dozen really popular gems in statement rings that typically get a first look. These make up the list you’ll read below. Though exquisite and memorable, these gems are certainly not the be-all, end-all. It’s a statement ring so make your statement however you want to make it! Here are some ideas.

    • Diamonds.
    • Pearls.
    • Opal.
    • Garnet.
    • Ruby.
    • Emerald.
    • Green Sapphire.
    • Citrine.
    • Blue topaz.
    • Amethyst.

    What About The Metal Setting?

    Any sort of daily wear jewelry rings should be durable and quality-made, a la platinum or 18K gold. On the other hand, if it’s for special occasions, you have some more room to move to an affordable, less costly metal like silver, gold vermeil, or 9K gold.

    Skin Tone Vs. Gem Colour

    Lastly, your skin tone can have a role to play in what statement ring is best. A warm skin tone is identifiable by the inner wrist vein. If it’s a greenish colour, this suggests a warm skin tone which is best with a yellow gold with red or golden gems. Comparatively, if the inner wrist vein is a blue shade, we call that a cool skin tone which would work best with a silver and white gold, with gemstones like a blue, violet, or pink. Of course, when in doubt, no one will fault you for the selection of diamonds, pearls, quartz, or white gems. These look fantastic and natural with all skin tones.

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