Your Ultimate Guide For Choosing Mother’s Day Jewellery

    Your Ultimate Guide For Choosing Mother’s Day Jewellery

    Your Ultimate Guide For Choosing Mother’s Day Jewellery

    A heartfelt gesture to be sure, selecting the perfect jewelry for Mother’s Day is a way to show moms some deep appreciation. After all, our world wouldn’t turn without the hard work that mothers put in every day.

    So often, moms are the backbone to families. They not only lend emotional support but have proven central in the past year to educating our community’s children, supporting healthcare and hospital systems, and many are frontline workers.

    For Corail Blanc, this year’s Mother’s Day is a celebration of these women, some of the most important in today’s society. Browsing our 2021 Mother’s Day gift guide, we can help find the perfect gift for the mom you have in mind.

    Shop handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry from Corail Blanc and find a stylish gift that will last a lifetime.

    Mother’s Day Jewellery Idea

    What to Think About Before Choosing Jewelry Gift For Mom

    Finding the right way to say ‘thank you’ on Mother’s Day can vary from a necklace to rings, bracelets, and more. We have lots of Mother’s Day jewelry gift ideas to choose from. Whether you’re shopping for your mother, sister, grandmother, or a friend, there is a handmade piece of jewelry for the special mom in your life in the Corail Blanc catalogue. Here are some places to start.

    • Search for a symbol or shape that is meaningful to you and which speaks to the gift recipient’s style.
    • See thoughtfully-chosen matching pendants or matching jewelry that make a great Mother’s Day gift. You wear one piece and to your mom you give the other. Carry the memory of each other whenever they’re worn.
    • Find a piece of jewelry with your birthstone incorporated in it or your mother’s favourite jewel, crystal, or color.

    Corail Blanc works with its clients to find the best gift for the mother in their lives. Let us make it easier on you. We have a variety of jewelry that works for Mother’s Day, from the modern and abstract to more traditional pieces. If you’re not sure what to buy your special someone for Mother’s Day, jewelry is a way to express one’s self. Start there! Think of her personality and everything that makes her unique. 

    Types of Jewelry Gift to Consider For Mom

    We started making handmade jewelry with the mission of crafting versatile pieces using sustainable materials and local Montreal designers for occasions just like this. Here are a few places to start your search for the perfect gift for mom or the mom-like person in your life.

    • Charm bracelets. A charm bracelet builds around a theme. It could be as simplistic as gratitude and love for your mother or something more general like a country, a sport, or an interest. An advantage of a charm bracelet is it can set you up for future gifts incorporating charms from all sorts of sources, brands, and more. For this reason, the Mother’s Day bracelets at Corail Blanc receive a top spot on our list of jewelry gifts for mom.
    • Necklaces. A Mother’s Day birthstone necklace is understated, specific to her and your relationship to her, and is something that can be worn with a variety of outfits. A gem necklace is a favourite gift for Mother’s Day because it’s not taking a big risk. A lot of people wear necklaces and it isn’t necessarily a very ‘out there’ piece of jewelry. Commemorating your mother-daughter or mother-son relationship, a birthstone necklace doesn’t inherently state this outright either and so it’s very adaptable to different occasions.
    • Pearl jewelry. A classic Mother’s Day gift choice are pearls. A timeless piece, pears are something that any mother, child, sibling, or friend can appreciate. While you have traditional pearl jewelry, modern jewelry designers have tinkered with this material to produce some truly exquisite pearl jewelry pieces. See a mix of pearl jewelry at Corail Blanc. Find the one that’s just right for her. A treasure for everyday wear, the right pearls will provide mom with a feeling of beauty and self-confidence.
    • Matching pendants. As mentioned earlier, matching pendants are a wonderful gift to provide to you and your mother. There are some very cute and unique pendants available, perfect for a wide range of personalities and not necessarily always mom-specific. Show your mother her significance to you and the impact she’s had on your life. This sort of mom-and-child gift links you two together whenever the piece is worn. You can’t go wrong with the emotional link of matching pendants.

    Buy Jewelry Gifts For Mom From Corail Blanc

    The best place to buy jewelry gifts for mom is somewhere that you know what you’re getting is handmade and unique. This type of unique jewelry for every occasion is a labor of love for the designers at Corail Blanc. Exhibiting style and the latest trends in jewelry, our Mother’s Day gift guide shares hundreds of themed Mother’s Day jewelry and non-themed jewelry set in several glamorous everyday looks.

    Jewelry is such an inspiring gift for a lot of mothers, especially at a time like this where there’s so much going on in the world. Moms worry. Moms always have things on the go. Moms are constantly putting others first. It goes without saying but moms are extraordinary. Mother’s Day is their day. Gift your mother something extra special this Mother’s Day with unique jewelry from Corail Blanc.

    Corail Blanc is a Montreal-based jewelry retailer. The perfect way to search for Mother’s Day jewelry, find all sorts of curated handmade jewelry pieces for moms everywhere. Founded on originality and craftsmanship, celebrate your mother year-round by giving her custom jewelry she can wear with any outfit and on any occasion. Shop with Corail Blanc to see jewelry gifts for Mother’s Day and more.