Your Ultimate Pearl Jewelry Cleaning Guide

    Your Ultimate Pearl Jewelry Cleaning Guide

    Your Ultimate Pearl Jewelry Cleaning Guide

    Pearls are delicate and can easily be ruined by cleaning them the wrong way. Though classic in style, any sort of pearl jewelry can be scratched and have its value plummet when they are permanently damaged.

    If this is your first time cleaning pearl jewelry or you’re wondering how to clean pearl jewelry, fortunately, it’s quite easy once you get the hang of it. So long as they’re properly cleaned following every use, you’ll always have them ready for whatever wedding you want to attend and special occasions.

    For your delicate, sweet pearl jewelry, here is everything you need to know about how you clean it.

    No Water

    If there’s one thing you need to know about cleaning pearl bridal jewelry or pearls of any kind, that’s to never put them in water. Do not submerge them. Do not let them soak. Avoid it at all costs.

    This isn’t to say pearls don’t like moisture. They do, in fact! Water, however, is way, way too much.

    Wipe With A Soft Cloth

    Your main tool in cleaning pearl jewelry is a soft dry cloth. After you’re done wearing a piece, wipe down the pearls down with your cloth. This is general maintenance you want to do every time. It will help remove oils and other substances that could have found their way onto the jewelry.

    To the latter, this is why pearl jewelry is always put on last. It’s to ensure makeup, hairspray, and all other products are applied and set, avoiding getting these things onto your pearls and necessitating deeper cleans.

    When Needed, A Damp Cloth

    A damp cloth is appropriate only when it’s truly needed. If you see your pearl bridal jewelry stained, lukewarm water and mild dish soap can be mixed together and a cloth damped in it. Gently wipe down the pearls.

    You only want to use this method when you absolutely have to which, hopefully, won’t be very often.

    Always Let Them Air-Dry All The Way

    Leave out pearl jewelry to dry when you are done your cleaning. You want to preserve the elasticity of the silk strand and ensure moisture isn’t compromising the design.

    Once dry, you can put your pearl jewelry somewhere for safekeeping. Though most necklaces and strands can be hung on a jewelry rack, pearls cannot. You can accidentally stretch the necklace this way. For this reason, you want your pearl jewelry stored flat.

    Do Not Use Other Cleaning Methods

    If you can’t clean it with a damp cloth, you may be out of luck on how to clean pearl jewelry. Ultrasonic cleaning technology can damage the outer layer of the pearl and shouldn’t be applied.

    Steam cleaning, normally safe on things like fabric, has too much heat and moisture to be considered anywhere near safe for pearls.

    Avoid any sort of DIY cleaners or alternative cleaning method the Internet swears will work! Especially if pearl jewelry is a family heirloom or has a lot of personal meaning, it’s still easy to damage.

    How to clean pearl jewelry

    Take Them To A Jeweler

    Once a year, take your pearl jewelry to a jeweler. A jeweler will be able to give your jewels a thorough cleaning. This will help remove any body oil or product that may have found its way onto your jewelry.

    A jeweler knows how to safely handle pearl jewelry and has the cleaning products to restore pieces to their former glory.

    Pearl jewelry is fairly simple to maintain so long that these rules are followed. You can hang onto your pearl jewelry for decades and pass them down to others should you so choose. Investing time in cleaning your pearls will also help to avoid scratches and imperfections that would otherwise make them appear damaged or old. 

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