Corail Blanc

Leo Ring


Hypatia of Alexandria Collection

Leo is a bold ring just like its namesake zodiac. Adorned with natural Herkimer “Diamond” quartz within its double-stranded design, this ring commands attention.

Herkimer are phenomenal gemstones close to five hundred million years old.  The crystals are magnificent works of nature, found in the rock, having a diamond-like geometrical shape and that rival true diamonds.  A true diamond found in the rough is exactly that, a rough appearing glass-like stone.  The true diamond must be cut by man to give it smooth faces and a geometrical shape.  On a hardness scale, a true diamond scores a ten.  Herkimer “Diamond” quartz crystals falls at a 7.5 on the scale, giving the real diamond a close race.  They are naturally faceted, each having eighteen facets and 2 points. Herkimer Quartz “Diamonds’ are unusually transparent with a brilliant sparkle, they manifest pure, solid Light and are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy.

• 925 silver with 18K gold plating
• Natural Herkimer Diamond Quartz (ethically mined)
• Hand sculpted in Montreal

Note: Every ring is custom made to size by hand and can have slight differences from the product photo.  Please allow 7 business days for us to custom handcraft your one of a kind jewel !

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